Monday, November 4, 2013

Dumbin’ Cummins Continues her stalking of Amanda Lollar

From the blog of Dummin Cummins blog (along with my editorials):

Sunday, October 27, 2013
"Five cease and desists, a lawsuit, restraining order, police reports, email blocks...and Amanda Lollar continues"
“I have sent Amanda Lollar of Bat World Sanctuary at least five cease and desist emails to her lawyers”  Which, let us not forget were as equally ridiculous as the rest of Scummins pathetic attempts to contact Amanda Lollar in any way possible, apparently in hopes of seeing Amanda again.  Lest we not forget that Cummins was beside herself when Amanda Lollar refused to go to California and had her attorneys represent her in court. Cummins kept insisting she NEEDED Amanda there.  Scarey. 

“I filed a lawsuit.”  Just one of many that Mary Cummins has lost to Lollar.  It is what Mary Cummins does best and worst – she files the lawsuit, her forte, but she also LOSES EVERY lawsuit to Lollar.

“I got a restraining order.”  Sorry, no she did not.  She filed a report to obtain a temporary restraining order which everyone is automatically given.  Even the judge at trial told her that.  Everyone gets a temporary restraining order until a judge can review the case and see what is going on.  Once the judge saw Dumbin’ Cummins’ ridiculous attempts to game the court system in an effort to be further involved with Lollar, the judge immediately threw it out of court and ordered Mary Cummins to pay Lollar’s attorney fees.  

“I filed  police reports." Yes, she did and she has now been labeled a malcontent with mental issues by the LAPD.  Check out the police report that the police themselves issued against Mary Cummins.  

“I blocked her email addresses. A Judge told her attorney to tell her to leave me alone. After all of this Amanda Lollar continues to stalk, harass and contact me.”  Say what?????  Is it not Mary Cummins who wrote an OPEN LETTER to Amanda Lollar just yesterday?  Is it not Mary Cummins who constantly is trying to engage Lollar by sending her emails to the Bat World Sanctuary address?  I do believe that is what I have read.  One thing about Lollar, and I try to follow her lead on that, Lollar ALWAYS gives proof of what Cummins has done, is doing and continues to do.  Even without Lollar’s proof, we all can read and research and we ALL know what a mental case Cummins is and how she ruthlessly attacks decent people – animalcare givers and experts, lawyers, judges, husbands, wives.  Geez, she even stalked a war veteran in a nursing home!  

“I turned my email off yesterday late afternoon because I didn't care to see Amanda Lollar's disgusting, pathetic, homosexual emails to me where she talks about my body and projects her own insecurities regarding her weight, looks and age. I finally had to turn it back on to get animal rescue emails. Amanda Lollar continues to stalk me, send emails to me. She is extremely mentally disturbed. And again, Amanda Lollar is not anonymous.”  Me thinkst this is surely wishful thinking on the part of Mary Cummins.  She is constantly referencing Lollar’s athletic body.  I have an idea, could Mary Cummins please post those “homosexual emails”?  Can she provide one bit of truth for the statements she makes?  This is where her lack of intellect is in major play.  She never shows proof of anything except that she was once flat chested and now she has a sloppy boob job with uneven breasts.  That’s it.  

It appears the moronic malcontent, Mary Cummins, is going off of the deep end.  She is obsessing constantly, daily, about Lollar.  Well, that will cost her in the end.  LOL.
Mary Cummins -  Feb 2013



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